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Product name : AS8351
Item : C2444
Price : 200mg, $659;500mg, $1150; 1g, $1595; 2g, $2355
contact : Send inquiry to: info@acesobio.com
CAS : 796-42-9
Molecular Weight : 291.3
Formula : C17H13N3O2
Storage : at -20°C
Additional information : We offer significant discount for bulky quantity order.
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Description of:AS8351(CAS:796-42-9)
AS-8351 induces reprogramming of human fetal lung fibroblasts into functional cardiomyocytes.
AS8351 affects epigenetic modifications by competing with α-ketoglutarate (α-KG) for chelating iron [Fe(II)] in certain epigenetic enzymes, such as the JmjC domain-containing histone demethylases (JmjC-KDMs) that require α-KG and iron as co-factors[2].

Quality control data:
Quality control by 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, HPLC and LCMS.
Product will be shipped with supporting analytical data.


[1]. Liu K, et al. Chemical Modulation of Cell Fate in Stem Cell Therapeutics and Regenerative Medicine. Cell Chem Biol. 2016 Aug 18;23(8):893-916.
[2]. Cao N, et al. Conversion of human fibroblasts into functional cardiomyocytes by small molecules. Science. 2016 Jun 3;352(6290):1216-20.

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