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Product name : ALW-II-41-27 (Synonyms: Eph receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor)
Item : c2358
Price : 200mg, $1750;500mg, $2890; 1g, $3950;
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CAS : 1186206-79-0
Molecular Weight : 607.6962
Formula : C32H32F3N5O2S
Storage : at -20°C
Additional information : We offer significant discount for bulky quantity order.
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Description of:ALW-II-41-27 (Synonyms: Eph receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor)
ALW-II-41-27(CAS:1186206-79-0)is a Eph receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor.ALW-II-41-27 inhibits Ba/F3 cells transformed with Tel fusions of EphA3, Kit, Fms, KDR, FLT1, FGR, Src, Lyn, Bmx, and Bcr-Abl with an EC50 below 500 nM. ALW-II-41-27 exhibits cross reactivity with Bcr-Abl. ALW-II-41-27 inhibits b-raf, CSF1R, DDR1, DDR2, EphA2, EphA5, EphA8, EphB1, EphB2, EphB3, Frk, Kit, Lck, p38α, p38β, PDGFRα, PDGFRβ, and Raf1 and many more demonstrating how introduction of the thiophene group can have a tremendous impact on kinase selectivity.

Quality control data:
Quality control by 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, HPLC and LCMS.
Product will be shipped with supporting analytical data. 


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