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We accept both PO and credit card orders. To place an order, please provide a purchase order number, or credit card information, shipping and billing (for PO order) addresses via
Email (info@acesobio.com)

Quote will only be provided through email to inquirer who has an email address from a corporation, university, research institution, and government institution. 

All products, unless clearly otherwise stated, are sold for research purposes only, and not for human, veterinary or household use. These samples can only be served as references, standards, as well as tools for other scientific inquiries. The products under valid patent protection are offered for R&D activities only. It is buyer’s responsibility to comply with the rules and regulations of his/her country. 

Payment Terms 
Payment terms are Net 30 days. Accounts unpaid past 30 days are subject to a finance charge of 5% per month on the unpaid balance. 

Privacy Policy

Acesobio, will not discuss the details of any inquiry or order without any authorization.
We will be happy to establish a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement if necessary. We value any online visitors and respects their privacy. We do not sell or rent the information you provide to us online to third parties.

Research and Development Exemption  

All compounds are solely for research use and are offered under research exemption in accordance with 35 USC 271(e) + A13(1) in the US, section 69.1 of the Japanese Patent Law in Japan, Section 11, No. 2 of the German Patent Law and Section 60 Par 5b of the UK Patents Act. Some compounds may therefore not be available in some countries, to some institutions and for some uses. Please enquire on availability in your country. Any patent infringement issue and resulting liability are solely at buyers risk.