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Product name : WAY-262611
Item : CR1961
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CAS : 1123231-07-1
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Chemical Information

M.Wt 318.42 Storage Please store the product under the recommended conditions in the Certificate of Analysis.
Formula C20H22N4
CAS No 1123231-07-1


Biological Activity of WAY-262611


WAY-262611 is a wingless β-Catenin agonist that increases bone formation rate; with EC50 of 0.63 uM in TCF-Luciferase assay.
IC50 value: 0.63 uM (EC50 in TCF-Luciferase assay)
Target: β-Catenin agonist
WAY-262611 is acting via the Wnt β-catenin pathway and most likely through inhibition of Dkk-1. WAY-262611 has excellent pharmacokinetic properties and showed a dose dependent increase in the trabecular bone formation rate in ovariectomized rats following oral administration.


[1]. Pelletier JC, et al. (1-(4-(Naphthalen-2-yl)pyrimidin-2-yl)piperidin-4-yl)methanamine: a wingless beta-catenin agonist that increases bone formation rate. J Med Chem. 2009 Nov 26;52(22):6962-5.

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