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Product name : SB334867
Item : CR1842
Price : 200mg, $945; 500mg, $1485
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CAS : 249889-64-3
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 Chemical Information
M.Wt 355.78 Storage Please store the product under the recommended conditions in the Certificate of Analysis.
Formula C17H14ClN5O2
CAS No 249889-64-3


Biological Activity of SB-334867


SB-334867 is a selective non-peptide orexin OX1 receptor antagonist with a pKb value of 7.2.
IC50 value: 7.2 (pKb) [1]
Target: orexin OX1 receptor
in vitro: SB-334867-A inhibited the orexin-A (10 nM) and orexin-B (100 nM)-induced calcium responses (pK(B)=7.27+/-0.04 and 7.23+/-0.03 respectively, n=8), but had no effect on the UTP (3 microM)-induced calcium response in CHO-OX(1) cells. SB-334867-A (10 microM) also inhibited OX(2) mediated calcium responses (32.7+/-1.9% versus orexin-A) [1].
in vivo:  Single-unit recordings in anesthetized rats demonstrated the central effects of the selective orexin-1 receptor antagonist SB-334867 (2 mg/kg, intravenous), as it reversed the excitatory effects of orexin-A administration (6 microg, intracerebroventricular) on the activity of locus coeruleus (LC) cells [2]. The ICV injection of SB-334867 alone had no effect on the formalin-induced nociceptive behaviors. Pre-treatment with SB-334867 at a dose of 0.5 nmol significantly attenuated the analgesia induced by morphine (at dose 1.5mg/kg of morphine; interphase and phase 2B and at dose 3mg/kg of morphine just phase 2B of formalin test) [3]. Administered alone, SB-334867 (30 mg/kg, but not lower doses) significantly reduced food intake and most active behaviours (eating, grooming, sniffing, locomotion and rearing), while increasing resting. Pretreatment with SB-334867 dose-dependently blocked these effects of orexin-A, with significant antagonism evident at dose levels (3-10 mg/kg) below those required to produce intrinsic behavioural effects under present test conditions in rats [4].
Toxicity: Acute systemic treatment with the selective orexin-1 (OX1R) antagonist SB-334867 reduces food intake in rats, an effect associated with an acceleration in behavioural satiety and unrelated to gross behavioural disruption, alterations in palatability, or toxicity.

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