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Product name : XMD17 109
Item : CR1852
Price : 200mg, $950;500mg, $1695; 1g, $2490; 2g, $3590
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CAS : 1435488-37-1
Molecular Weight : 638.8
Formula : C₃₆H₄₆N₈O₃
Storage : at -20°C
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 Chemical Information
M.Wt 638.8 Storage Please store the product under the recommended conditions in the Certificate of Analysis.
Formula C36H46N8O3
CAS No 1435488-37-1

25°C: DMSO

Biological Activity of XMD17-109


IC50 Value: 4.2±0.69 uM(EC50, inhibits ERK5-mediated AP1 transcriptional activity in HEK 293 cells) [1]
XMD17-109 is a novel, specific ERK-5 inhibitor with an EC50 4.2uM in HEK293 cells.
In vitro: The pAP1-luciferase reporter and pRL-CMV-Renilla plasmids were co-transfected with plasmids encoding for ERK5 and constitutively active MEK5 (MEK5DD) in HEK293 cells. Cells were treated with the indicated amounts of compound 26 (XMD17-109) for 24 h, and lysates were subjected to the dual-luciferase assay. Compound 26 completely inhibited the ERK5-mediated AP1 transcriptional activity at 30 μM and had an EC50 of 4.2 ± 0.7 μM. By contrast 24 had an EC50 of >30 μM[1].
in vivo: N/A
Clinical trial: N/A


[1]. Elkins, Jonathan M.; Wang, Jing; Deng, Xianming; et al. X-ray Crystal Structure of ERK5 (MAPK7) in Complex with a Specific Inhibitor. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2013), 56(11), 4413-4421.

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